10 Horror Movies For A Festive New Year's Eve Movie Night: Tips On Decor And Enjoyment

It is that time of the year when everyone prefers to cozy up at home and watch scary movies. Having close family members or friends with you is always better. 

When the weather outside is completely frightful, the only solution is to make the mood scarier with spooky movies. Apart from Christmas rom-coms, you can occasionally want something with a little more kick. 

Thus, there is just something about this joyful holiday season that makes it even more exciting with the honor genre. Horror movies are all about having a monopoly when it comes to scaring you. Thus, there are no strangers to subvert the winter holidays. 

Apart from cold, chilly winter nights, the scary season is upon us. There are satisfying ways to host a scary movie night with a balance of good food and the right spooky ambiance. 

From carefully selecting the perfect scary night, you can also get the best international flower delivery to add fragrance to the room. 

However, there is obviously no shortage of Christmas movies that capture the festive and fun of the holiday season. But did you know that there is a thriving in horror movies during New Year's Eve? 

In this article, you will come across a list of ten horror movies that are perfect for New Year's Eve. You can also find helpful tips directing you to host the perfect movie night. 

List Of 10 Horror Movies Perfect For New Year's Eve

Here is a list of horror movies that are perfect for a New Year's Eve. 

1. Black Christmas 

Bob Clark's Black Christmas is a grand thriller representing a group of sorority sisters whom a psycho killer stalks. 

The killer, on the other hand, is anonymous and is never caught. 

The movie is a book office success and was a major success due to this tagline. It said, "If the movie did not make you crawl, it is too tight." 

In order to get approval for the first run release, the British board had censored a few scenes and later made edits of the pictures a bit. 

There was no violence, but the obscene phone call of a girl was vulgar for any theater to showcase. 

2. Santa's Slay 

Before we can get into an actual horror movie, there are a lot of crud to get through. In Santa's Slay, the plot of the movie is relatively simple. 

The Son represents the Santa who ends up going berserk and kills everyone nice and harmful. However, the hero of the movie is WWE superstar Bill Goldberg. 

The method by which Santa would harm is through the execution of the mass killing. At some point, he kicks a dog on the floor, and the dog returns back to hit him. 

Thus, this movie only partially relies on the B-movie goofiness. Rather, it prevents it from being as enjoyable as other horror christmas films. 

3. ATM

This movie is taken far too seriously and is the perfect one to watch with friends. The movie highlights three yuppies who are trapped in an ATM vestibule after a Christmas office party. 

Thus, they find themselves trapped inside with a psycho. There are other people who happen by the psycho prompt dispatches, delivering on some horror thrills. But ultimately, it rings empty. 

It is a completely horrifying movie, which will end you up screaming. By the end of the movie, you might not be able to handle the horror. 

4. Silent Night, Deadly Night 

The next movie that you can watch on New Year's Eve is "Silent Night, Deadly Night." We often see that Santa goes crazy in any christmas horror movie 

On the other hand, the movie is an early adapter of a similar concept.  You will get to see Santa Claus murder the people he meets with an axe, gun, or anything that he gets in front of him. 

This movie will offer you and the guest a thrilling experience as many plot twists exist. This will even make it more interesting to watch. 

Therefore, this movie came at par during the 1980s but can still be watched due to its horrifying screenplay. 

5. The Gingerdead Man 

Not so recognized but known for its good horror timing, The Gingerdead Man combines horror and mystery in a great way. 

Gary Busey plays the role of a killer and ends up getting himself caught up in an electric chair. Later, the movie shows how his ashes are combined with the gingerbread man recipe.

Later, the movie depicts his comeback to murder a woman who testified against him previously.

Therefore, if you are late with your friends, this is the perfect one to watch. Thus, in the end, you will get exactly what you expect from this movie. 

Moreover, the plot of the movie might be a bit slow, but it is perfect for a winter movie night. 

6. Jack Frost 

The movie Jack Frost is one of the best blockbusters of 1996. At the movie's beginning, you can see Michael Keaton, who plays the lead role. 

However, the movie has taken inspiration from the Gingerbread Man and has picked the brilliant concepts that you think of.

You might see your brain is freezing faster than the water by the end. But on the basis of how you predict the movie, you might end up getting a chuckle out of it. 

Moreover, it is one of the finest horror movies you can plan and watch with your family or friends. 

7. Dead End 

The movie is an adaptation of World War Z. If you have read the book, it is suggested that you do not watch the film. This is because the book has a more detailed description of the plot and characters. 

The movie stands to be an interesting one due to its tropes. It is known to be the greatest platform, and watching the characters play their part is impressive. 

The iconic Brad Pitt plays the role of Gerry Lane, a man who contributes to the basic task of saving life from zombie apocalypse.

However, in the movie, you can see the actor searching for a cure, fighting on the ground and in the sky with the infected humans.

8. The Children 

Have you ever seen anything creeper than Chucky from Child's Play? The spot of movie depicts a Christmas vacation where a group of parents takes their kids to a fun retreat. 

But later, it is seen that the kids get violent against their parents. Suddenly, you will get to see the children get overly violent. But it can more than makeup for being genuinely unsettling for the parents to handle. 

The film has an interesting breakdown dissecting the deterioration of the nuclear family and might not look at the kids similarly. 

9. Christmas Evil 

If you want to experience a horrifying and thrilling experience, you can simply select Christmas Evil. 

The movie is a combination of psychological horror, where the killre has prepared a list of murdered people.

Yes, just like the other horror plots, Santa Claus is the murderer. But at the same time, the movie dedicates the time to exploring his life through killing people. 

The movie further gets interesting when the movie plot explores what can cause the man to commit such a heinous act. Thus, the role of a Taxi Driver plays within the department store. 

It is more of a character that enables one to study straight from the horror film, making it a unique thing to watch. 

10. New Year's Evil 

The movie New Year's Eve is a serious crime thriller with slasher attributes. It highlights a masked killer who is murdering a woman at the stroke of midnight in every time zone. 

In order to stop that, there is a punk rock television hist who comes out to stops this. 

Thus, the movie is notable for its uniqueness. Similarly, there is not much horror featuring where the killer schedules their homicidal deeds. 

Therefore, that is about more than teh movie. The most interesting part is its gimmicky plot twist. 

Besides that, the film is great; you can watch it with children above ten. 

Tips On Decorating The Perfect Scary Movie Night 

Are you looking forward to creating an overall ambiance for the New Year's Eve movie night celebration? 

If you are a horror movie fan, then look at the immersive experience to make your movie night a notch higher. With careful consideration and clever ideas, it would be a thrilling experience for you.

1. Set Up The Right Lighting 

Switch off the usual lights and flicker a candle in the dark room that sets the tone for a scary movie, New Year's Eve. 

This setting will add a cozy feeling reminiscent of a spooky scene from your favorite horror movie. Therefore, you can also stock up on your favorite scented candles that will give your room a Halloween-themed display. 

However, you can use some cobwebs and light up the room with scented candles. This will give your room a spooky ambiance. On the other hand, you can include everyone in the home decoration so that they can make it a part of the evening. 

Scary good decor will place everyone in the festival mood. 

2. Keep Some Cozy Blankets 

You can keep some bedsheets and blankets for a scary movie night. They add a warm and cozy feeling on a chilly evening and are essential to shield your eye during the difficult movie scene. 

We can view a film in the theater in numerous ways. But the real benefit of watching a movie is from the comfort of home, where you can watch at your own convenience. 

You can add some comfortable blankets and seats to guarantee the utmost comfort for the visitors. When your guest dives into the chills and thrills of the movie, they should be able to focus on the jump scares, creepy elements, and the plot.

3. Stock Some Comfort Food 

A perfect movie night is the ideal time to embrace some good food. In spite of ordering delivery on receiving for a box of pizza or a packet of chips. You can order some themed snacks and other treats that go well with the ambiance. 

Furthermore, you can pair some chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, fries, and other types of food that you can eat while watching. 

On the other hand, get some perfectly shareable tacos with your friends and a bowl of pudding that can be shared later.

4. Limit The Distraction 

As movie lovers, we can appreciate the craft of a well-made film. For horror movie fans, there can be nothing more than the thrill of watching your favorite movie in the dark of night. 

Furthermore, another benefit of hosting a horror movie night is that it will let you eliminate the frustration. That can often faced in theater. 

Thus, watching a movie in the comfort of your home reduces every noise and distraction. 

Thus, you can ask the visitors to keep their phones in silent mode so that there is no interruption in between. Therefore, when we eliminate these unwanted interruptions, we can allow ourselves to enjoy the thrilling surprises and scares of the horror movie.

5. Play A Game After Movie Ends 

Do you want to make the movie night even more interesting?

You can include some fun games to keep up with the interesting ideas. However, this activity will make your visitors glue their eyes to the screen. 

Similarly, nothing can beat the exciting horror trivia fame as an additional educational element to the night. 

Summing Up 

A horror movie night can be thrilling and can be a tingling experience. 

Thus, when you put up a film on New Year's Eve for the whole family or friends, you should ensure that everyone is on board with the movie. 

Take it to a vote with this thrilling season; that can be a creepy thriller or an exorcist movie. Gather everyone's opinion and play the film that is most in demand.

If you want to normalize the fun, grab some blankets, set the right lighting, and get some comfort food to enhance the overall experience. These offer great scope to bond with friends and share the adrenaline rush of being scared altogether.

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