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51. Once the ball becomes live in an extra period, even though a correction in score is made, the extra period:

52. Play is resumed at the point of interruption in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

53. Team A is awarded an alternating-possession throw-in. The arrow will be switched toward Team B in all of the following, EXCEPT:

54. Technical fouls include all of the following, EXCEPT:

55. The ball is awarded out of bounds after:

56. The ball is dead, or remains dead, in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

57. The ball is in As backcourt when A1, while holding the ball, has one foot touching the division line and the other touching in frontcourt.

58. The ball is in As backcourt when it is in flight on a pass from A1, who is in As frontcourt, to A2, who is in As backcourt.

59. The ball is out of bounds in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

60. The head coach is assessed a direct technical foul in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

61. The length of intermission between the end of regulation play and the first extra period is ............ minute(s).

62. The third indirect technical foul charged to the head coach results in disqualification and ejection.

63. The time consumed prior to recognition of a correctable error cannot be restored even though the error is corrected.

64. The use of electronic devices on the bench is permitted in all instances, EXCEPT:

65. To establish the alternatingpossession procedure, control may be gained as a result of a violation or foul.

66. Traveling is moving a foot in any direction in excess of prescribe limits while holding the ball. Which of the following statements are also True statement?

67. When a foul occurs, the official shall verbally inform the offender, then:

68. When a team member is wearing an item that causes a safety concern, the referee may:

69. When free thrower, A1, purposefully fakes a try, it results in:

70. When the ball is awarded to the wrong team for a throw-in, in order for it to be corrected, it must be rectified:

71. When the error is a free throw by the wrong player, if corrected, the free throw and any common foul committed during such a free throw shall be cancelled.

72. Which of the following statements is True statement when each team is granted a time-out to keep a player in the game who was directed to leave because of injury/blood?

73. Which of the following statements on player disqualifications is True statement?

74. Which of the following will result in an intentional foul?

75. With the clock running, the head coach may go, without penalty, to the scorers table to request a time-out regarding a correctable error.


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Basketball Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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