Atmosphere Quiz Question with Answer

51. At what latitude and during what season is the daily-averaged insolation at the top of the atmosphere the greatest?

  1. Equator at Equinox
  2. Equator on Jan. 5
  3. South pole on Dec. 21
  4. North pole on June 21

52. A missile lunched due south in the Northern Hemisphere will be deflected toward:

  1. east.
  2. west.

53. Earth rotation makes global winds curve. This is called the ................

  1. convection effect
  2. global effect
  3. Coriolis effect
  4. rotational effect

54. Earth atmosphere is important to living things because it ................

  1. contains dust and other particles
  2. is very thin compared to the size of Earth
  3. provides all the gases that living things need to survive
  4. maintains a constant relative humidity

55. Heat transfer between two substances that are in contact is called ................

  1. conduction
  2. thermal energy
  3. convection
  4. radiation

56. Heat from the sun reaches you by ................

  1. conduction
  2. light emission
  3. convection
  4. radiation

57. The two most important greenhouse gases are:

  1. CO2 and CFCs
  2. CO2 and CH4
  3. CO2 and H2O
  4. CO2 and SO2

58. Which of the following gases is not a greenhouse gas:

  1. carbon dioxide.
  2. nitrous oxide.
  3. water vapor.
  4. oxygen.

59. The atmosphere is a(n):

  1. blackbody absorber.
  2. inferior absorber of x-rays.
  3. absorber of all radiation equally.
  4. selective absorber.

60. Earth atmosphere traps energy from the sun, which ................

  1. allows water to exist as liquid
  2. allows solar radiation to penetrate to the surface
  3. allows ozone to form easily
  4. causes meteors to burn up

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