Arms and the Man Quiz Question with Answer

41. Rainas father holds what rank in the Bulgarian army?

  1. Major
  2. Corporal
  3. General
  4. Lieutenant

42. Near what is the Petkoffs house situated?

  1. Moscow
  2. The Dragoman Pass
  3. Petersburg
  4. North Bulgonia

43. In the first act who enters the room to deliver news to Raina?

  1. Sergius
  2. Major Petkoff
  3. Nicola
  4. Catherine

44. In Act I, what does Louka tell Raina and Catherine should be done?

  1. Turn off all the lights
  2. Board the windows
  3. Fasten the windows
  4. Board the door

45. How long has Bluntschli been under fire for?

  1. 3 days
  2. 4 days
  3. 1 week
  4. 1 day

46. How does Bluntschli climb up to Rainas window?

  1. Up the ivy
  2. Up a drainpipe
  3. Up a garden wall
  4. Up a ladder

47. From where does Bluntschli hail?

  1. Lichtenstein
  2. Serbia
  3. France
  4. Switzerland

48. Catherine has what installed in the Petkoff house?

  1. A dumbwaiter
  2. A garage for horses
  3. An electric bell for the servants
  4. An electric bell for the dogs

49. Bluntschli asks Raina to let him do what, when he is in her room?

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat dinner in the kitchen
  3. Look for ammunition
  4. Look for rope

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