Arkansas Trivia Questions with Answers

21. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, founded by Alice Walton, is located in which Arkansas city?

  1. Bentonville
  2. Conway
  3. Rogers
  4. Springdale

22. The Battle of Pea Ridge, a significant Civil War battle, took place in which part of Arkansas?

  1. Central
  2. Northwest
  3. Southwest
  4. Southeast

23. Which river flows through Little Rock and is a tributary of the Arkansas River?

  1. White River
  2. Ouachita River
  3. Saline River
  4. Fourche LaFave River

24. What is the traditional folk instrument associated with Arkansas, often used in bluegrass and country music?

  1. Harmonica
  2. Banjo
  3. Fiddle
  4. Mandolin

25. The Old State House Museum, the oldest surviving state capitol building west of the Mississippi River, is located in which city?

  1. Fayetteville
  2. Hot Springs
  3. Little Rock
  4. Fort Smith### Answers:

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