Archery Question with Answer

11. Which international archery organization is responsible for setting the rules and standards for the sport of archery worldwide?

  1. FITA (Fédération Internationale de Tir à lArc)
  2. IOC (International Olympic Committee)
  3. IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
  4. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

12. What is the term for the bowstring release technique where the archer uses a mechanical release aid to release the string?

  1. Finger Release
  2. String Release
  3. Mechanical Release
  4. Trigger Release

13. In archery, what is the name of the device attached to the bow that holds the arrow in place before it is released?

  1. Nock
  2. Quiver
  3. Rest
  4. Fletching

14. Which archery discipline involves shooting at targets set at various distances in a wooded or natural setting?

  1. Target Archery
  2. Field Archery
  3. 3D Archery
  4. Clout Archery

15. What is the term for the technique of aiming where the archer focuses on a point below the target to compensate for arrow drop?

  1. Instinctive Aiming
  2. Gap Shooting
  3. String Walking
  4. Point of Aim

16. Which country has a strong tradition of horseback archery, a discipline where archers shoot arrows from horseback at various targets?

  1. Mongolia
  2. Turkey
  3. Japan
  4. Hungary

17. In Olympic archery, how far is the standard distance for the individual and team events for both men and women?

  1. 50 meters
  2. 60 meters
  3. 70 meters
  4. 80 meters

18. What is the term for the bowstring release technique where the archer uses their fingers to release the string?

  1. Mechanical Release
  2. Finger Release
  3. Trigger Release
  4. Snap Release

19. Which type of arrowhead is commonly used in target archery and has a pointed tip without blades?

  1. Broadhead
  2. Field Point
  3. Judo Point
  4. Blunt Point

20. What is the term for the area on the bow where the arrow rests before being released?

  1. Shelf
  2. Nock
  3. Quiver
  4. Riser

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