Ancient Egypt Question with Answer

11. What job employed the most people in Egypt?

  1. merchant
  2. farmer
  3. scribe
  4. Architect

12. What was the purpose of the pyramids in ancient Egypt?

  1. to protect the body of the pharaoh to help it reach the afterlife.
  2. To create a stairway from heaven to earth.
  3. To create a memorial for the pharaoh.
  4. To provide jobs for the Egyptian people.

13. Which of the following beliefs was central to Egyptian religion?

  1. the afterlife
  2. the pyramids
  3. the pharaohs
  4. the heavens

14. Which of the following best defines dynasty?

  1. a collection of queens
  2. a collection of kingdoms
  3. series of rulers from different families
  4. series of rulers from the same family

15. Which of the following best describes how Egyptian civilization developed?

  1. Villages replaced towns.
  2. Farms grew into villages and then cities.
  3. Cities broke off into scattered farms.
  4. Farms replaced cities and then pyramids.

16. Which statement best describes the burial practices of Egyptians?

  1. Egyptians preserved bodies as mummies.
  2. Egyptians carried their dead to neighboring countries.
  3. Egyptians used a funeral pyre for their dead.
  4. Egyptians buried their dead in the river.

17. Who would the people of Egypt blame if crops did not grow or if disease struck?

  1. the farmers whose small villages were unclean
  2. the mummies whose ka was disturbed
  3. the pharaoh who was both ruler and god
  4. the dynasty that was in power

18. Whose tomb, discovered in 1922, taught us much about Egyptian burial practices and beliefs?

  1. King Tutankhamen
  2. Ahmose of Thebes
  3. Ramses the Great
  4. Queen Hatshepsut

19. Why was Hammurabis Code important?

  1. It helped decode cuneiform writing.
  2. It helped everyone to know the rules and punishments.
  3. Soldiers used it to send messages during battle.
  4. It showed archaeologists why writing was important.

20. Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry, and other treasures?

  1. The tombs served as museums.
  2. The tombs were the private storage rooms of the pharaoh.
  3. Egyptians believed tombs to be the safest places in the kingdom.
  4. Egyptians believed the dead enjoyed such materials in the afterlife.

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