Ancient China Question with Answer

11. Which of the following territories were added to the empire during the Han dynasty?

  1. Xianyang
  2. Xiongnu
  3. parts of Central Asia
  4. parts of India

12. Which of the following was a factor in peasant uprisings in the late Han dynasty?

  1. concentration of land in the hands of the wealthy
  2. invasions by nomadic tribes from the north
  3. the difficulty of civil service examinations
  4. the Han governments emphasis on the teachings of Confucius

13. Which of the following were factors that helped Qin Shihuangdi unify China economically and geographically?

  1. He was a model of kingly virtue, inspiring his people to love and respect him.
  2. He paid laborers good wages to build the Wall of Ten Thousand Li.
  3. He created a single monetary system and built roads throughout the empire.
  4. He created a uniform system of taxation and required everyone to speak a single language.

14. Who added the territory south of the Chang Jiang to the empire

  1. Xianyang
  2. Xiongnu
  3. Han Wudi
  4. Ban Gu

15. Who were the Xiongnu?

  1. a group of bureaucrats whose job was to police other bureaucrats
  2. a tribe of nomadic horsemen who roamed the territory north of China
  3. the laborers who built the Wall of Ten Thousand Li
  4. the army of terra-cotta soldiers whose job was to protect the emperor in the afterlife

16. Whose helped enable Chinese trade in Southeast Asia and India

  1. Han Wudi
  2. rudder
  3. Xianyang
  4. Xiongnu

17. Why did Qin Shihuangdi have a canal dug from the Chang Jiang to Guangzhou?

  1. to supply his army with water
  2. to block invaders
  3. so he could travel by barge
  4. to improve trade in the empire

18. Why did the Legalists advocate harsh laws and stiff punishments for keeping public order?

  1. They wanted strong laws so that the ruler would be free to show compassion.
  2. They believed people were not capable of being good.
  3. That was the best way to ensure that superior men would rise to the top.
  4. Those were the only laws that could be administered fairly.

19. wrote biographies that combined political and social history

  1. Xianyang
  2. Xiongnu
  3. Han Wudi
  4. Ban Gu

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