Analog Communication Quiz Question with Answer

11. Which is incorrectly matching statement

  1. Deterministic and Random
  2. Digital and Continuous
  3. Periodic and Aperiodic
  4. Causal and Non Causal

12. Spot the incorrect periodic signal among the following

  1. Square wave function
  2. Cosine Function
  3. Exponential Function
  4. Sine Function

13. An Energy signal has Energy and Power Specification as

  1. P =infinite and E = finite
  2. P =finite and E = 0
  3. P =unity and E = finite
  4. P =0 and E = finite

14. A power signal has power and energy specification as

  1. Power = finite and Energy = finite
  2. Power = finite and Energy = infinite
  3. Power = 0 and Energy = infinite
  4. Power = infinite and Energy = 0

15. The three standard colors used for video transmission are

  1. red, blue, yellow
  2. red, blue, green
  3. red, yellow, green
  4. blue, yellow, white

16. Time domain analysis explains a signal in

  1. Frequency - Phase Axes
  2. Time - Amplitude Axes
  3. Time - Frequency Axes
  4. Frequency - Amplitude Axes

17. Frequency domain analysis explains a signal in

  1. Frequency - Amplitude Axes
  2. Time - Amplitude Axes
  3. Frequency - Phase Axes
  4. Frequency - Time Axes

18. When a sinusoidal signal is viewed along the frequency axes, t appears like

  1. A straight line equal to the height of sinusoid
  2. cosine wave
  3. sinusoidal wave
  4. sinusoidal wave with 90 degree phase shift

19. Any non-sinusoidal waveform can be expressed as the sum of various sinusoidal components

  1. true
  2. false
  3. cant say
  4. none of these

20. which of the following is the correct application of Fourier analysis

  1. Image processing
  2. X-ray crystallography
  3. Acoustics and Oceanography
  4. All of the above

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