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Advertising and Sales Management Questions with Answers

51. The first step in developing an advertising program should be to:

52. A short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising is called

53. Advertising is not flexible as the message is once fixed it cant be altered again and again according to the

54. Advertising involves dissemination of information about a produce, service to induce people to take actions beneficial to

55. Advertising is a non-personal process but must be written or printed in words............advertise and helps in the sale of the product.

56. An Ad copy which informs the target group the fact that the manufacturer is established enough to give them the right goods is?

57. Showing the product in a picture as being bigger than it actually is an example of

58. If a company gives false message to the customers, it is known as

59. Which among the following is not a mechanical test?

60. Which of the following WOULD NOT be one of the primary advertising objectives as classified by primary purpose?

61. Merchandise allowance is a technique.

62. Couponing is an example of

63. A specific coordinated advertising effort on behalf of a particular product or service that extends for a specified period of time

64. Pioneer advertising, consumer advertising and product advertising are

65. Direct mail advertising sends messages through

66. If promotion is related to advertisement then place is related to

67. Advertising not allowed.

68. Which concept supplements the work of sales promotion?

69. Direct mail advertising is suitable in case of

70. Advertising allowance, incentives to salesman, quantity discount are the method of

71. The seller borrow the goods and services of different middlemen to pass the production to the

72. Through newspaper any firm can reach literate customers only. Its a

73. ...........are vehicles or channels through which the advertising messages are transmitted to target consumers so that the desired action may be induced at the consumer level

74. a plan of presenting the message in a more specific and compact form within the advertising space available to the target consumers

75. Independent organization of creative people for advertisement and promotional tools are called

76. Series of advertisement messages that share a single idea or theme is

77. Think globally, act locally is a global advertising strategies and local advertising programs under...........of international marketing decision.

78. ...............ignores large differences in cultures, demographics, and economics of international marketing decision.

79. Lower costs, greater global advertising coordination consistent worldwide image are the.............of international marketing decision.

80. The central theme of an advertisement that motivates the consumer to make a purchase decision is?

81. For making advertisement s more effective, the manufacturers improve................and launch new products.

82. If product is related to warranty then price is related to

83. Drama, exhibitions, fair are effective means of

84. If price is related to discount then promotion is related to

85. If place is related to retail outlets then packing is related to

86. To introduce the new products to world of consumers is the main goal of

87. The aggregate of all the factors which arouse the needs of customers and guide them in final selection is called?

88. A specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time is called an:

89. Sales promotion is very important for any product, especially for newly launched and designed product. How it affect the product?

90. The producer gives a guarantee to the consumer that they will maintain the product in proper condition during a certain period is known as

91. The final stage in the personal sales process is the stage

92. advertisement means of providing complete information about the product and its uses to the society.

93. Aishwarya Rai Bachan endorsing Loreal is an example of?

94. the sum total of values, assets and liabilities generated by a branded product over a period of time.

95. a measure of attachment that a consumer has to a brand.

96. The additional amount of money consumers are willing to pay for a brand is known as

97. AIDA refers to the

98. What is one of the primary goals of reminder advertising

99. Point of Purchase Ads are also known as

100. Middlemen is classified into two categories 1) Mercantile Agent 2)..............


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Advertising and Sales Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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