A Truly Beautiful Mind Quiz Question with Answer

41. Where was this job location?

  1. Bern
  2. Munich
  3. Zurich
  4. Ulm

42. Which destruction is referred in the lesson?

  1. destruction of inventions
  2. destruction by authoritarians
  3. destruction caused by the atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  4. none

43. Whom did Albert want to marry right after finishing studies?

  1. Blair
  2. Mileva
  3. Mary
  4. Margie

44. Why did Einstein leave the school?

  1. for good
  2. he had clash with the teachers
  3. he didn't like discipline and order in the school
  4. All

45. Why did she come to Switzerland?

  1. Because she loved Swiss culture
  2. Because she wanted to pursue Mathematics
  3. Because she wanted to settle in Switzerland
  4. Because the University of Zurich provided degrees to women

46. Why has the author referred to the late speaking age of Einsten?

  1. to show that apparently his growth rate was slower than the children of his age
  2. to show that he was a slow learner
  3. To show his disability
  4. None

47. With whom did Einstein fall in love?

  1. a girl from Munich
  2. Mileva Maric
  3. a girl from German
  4. none

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