A Truly Beautiful Mind Quiz Question with Answer

21. This woman fellow student was from

  1. Algeria
  2. Serbia
  3. France
  4. Italy

22. What did Albert's mother think of him?

  1. he was a born genius
  2. he is intelligent
  3. he will rule the world
  4. Albert was a freak

23. What did Einstein call Mileva Maric?

  1. Clever Creature
  2. a gentleman
  3. a dumbo
  4. a good man

24. What did Einstein love to play with?

  1. toys
  2. alone with mechanical toys
  3. friends
  4. none

25. What does this lesson A Truly Beautiful mind speak about?

  1. beauty of the mind
  2. beauty of the world
  3. the life of the greatest scientist Einstein and his contributions to the field of science and world politics
  4. none

26. What is the message of this lesson?

  1. a beautiful mind not only creates beautiful ideas but also to use them for the welfare of the humanity
  2. always think big
  3. be like Einstein
  4. win a Nobel Prize

27. What was the famous formula that Einstein developed?

  1. F= ma
  2. E=mc2
  3. M1v1=m2v2
  4. None of the above

28. What was the name of the American President to whom Einstein wrote a letter to?

  1. John F Kennedy
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Abraham Lincoin
  4. Franklin D Roosevelt

29. What was the name of the fellow student on whom Albert developed special interest?

  1. Sussane Maric
  2. Mileva Maric
  3. Gloria Maric
  4. Serena Maric

30. When did Einstein begin to learn playing the violin?

  1. at the age of seven
  2. at the age of eight
  3. at the age of nine
  4. at the age of six

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