Tsunami MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Where did the Good Friday earthquake occur?

  1. Chile
  2. Sumatra
  3. California
  4. Alaska

22. Which island in Western Samoa suffered the most damage when the tsunami struck on 29 September 2009?

  1. Apia
  2. Upolu
  3. Savaii
  4. Stewart Island

23. Which of the following events do not cause atsunami?

  1. Underwater or coastal earthquake
  2. Large coastal cliff or lakeside landslides
  3. Underwater volcanic eruptions
  4. A plane crash into the ocean.

24. Which statement below is not true?

  1. Tsunami waves are different from ordinary waves that you see at the beach.
  2. Tsunami waves ave a lot of energy and travel much further than ordinary waves.
  3. Small tsunami waves are not dangerous
  4. Not all earthquakes will generate a tsunami

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