MCQ quiz on Gravitation multiple choice questions and answers on gravitation MCQ questions quiz on gravitation objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Gravitation MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. If the distance between two bodies is doubled, the force of attraction F between them will be

  1. 1/4 F
  2. 2 F
  3. 1/2 F
  4. F

2. The force of gravitation between two bodies in the universe does not depend on

  1. the distance between them
  2. the product of their masses
  3. the sum of their masses
  4. the gravitational constant

3. Name the fundamental force which holds the planets in their orbits around the sun.

  1. Gravitational force of attraction
  2. Electrostatic static force of attraction
  3. Nuclear force of attraction
  4. Electro static force of attraction

4. When an object is thrown up, the force of gravity is

  1. is opposite to the direction of motion
  2. is in the same direction as the direction of motion
  3. becomes zero at the highest point
  4. increases as it rises up

5. A stone is dropped from a cliff. Its speed after it has fallen 100 m is

  1. 9.8 m/s
  2. 44.2 m/s
  3. 19.6 m/s
  4. 98 m/s

6. A ball is thrown up and attains a maximum height of 100 m. Its initial speed was

  1. 9.8 m/s
  2. 44.2 m/s
  3. 19.6 m/s
  4. 98 m/s

7. A stone dropped from the roof of a building takes 4 seconds to reach the ground. What is theheight of the building?

  1. 19.6 m
  2. 39.2 m
  3. 156.8 m
  4. 78.4 m

8. The acceleration due to gravity is zero at

  1. the equator
  2. poles
  3. sea level
  4. the centre of the earth

9. A feather and a coin released simultaneously from the same height do not reach the ground at the same time because of the

  1. resistance of the air
  2. force of gravity
  3. force of gravitation
  4. difference in mass

10. The weight of an object of mass 10 kg on earth is

  1. 9.8 N
  2. 9.8 kg
  3. 98 N
  4. 98 kg

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Gravitation

Gravitation Question and Answer