French Revolution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Who among the following consisted in the Third Estate?

  1. Nobles and Landlords
  2. Priests and Church officials
  3. Common People
  4. Landlords

32. Which of following fort was seized by the revolutionaries and set free the prisioners?

  1. Red fort
  2. William fort
  3. St.George fort
  4. Bastille fort

33. Which of the following were the national colours of France during the?

  1. Blue-green-yellow
  2. Red-green-blue
  3. Blue-white-red
  4. Yellow-red-white

34. The most important of the privileges enjoyed by the clergy and nobility

  1. right to collect dues
  2. ownership of land
  3. participate in wars
  4. exemption from taxes to the state

35. Bundle of rods or fasces symbolised

  1. Royal power
  2. Equality before law
  3. Law is the same for all
  4. Strength lies in unity

36. Which of the following symbolised Eternity?

  1. Sceptre
  2. Eye within a triangle radiating light
  3. The Law Table
  4. Snake biting its tail to form a ring

37. France on 21st September, 1792 was declared a

  1. Socialist State
  2. Democracy
  3. Communist State
  4. Republic

38. Which of the following is true about Louis kings of France?

  1. They were inefficiant and spent Huge amont on personal luxurious
  2. Extavagant expenditure on wars resulting the bankruptcy
  3. They did not consult Estate General(Parliament) On State matters
  4. All the above

39. Which of the following was the main objective of the Constitution of 1791?

  1. to limit the powers of the king alone
  2. do away with feudal privileges
  3. give equal rights to women
  4. establish a constitutional monarchy

40. Division of power within the government was put forth in

  1. Two Treaties of Government
  2. The Spirit of the Laws
  3. Le Moniteur Universal
  4. The Social Contract

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