French Revolution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Members of the Jacbbin Club were known as

  1. Conservatives
  2. Revolutionaries
  3. Terrorists
  4. San-culottes

12. Who advocated government based on Social Contract?

  1. Darwin
  2. Spencer
  3. Rousseau
  4. Montesquieu

13. French legacy to the world

  1. Democracy
  2. Socialism and nationalism
  3. Republicanism
  4. Liberty, Freedom and Equality

14. Political body of France

  1. Duma
  2. Reichstag
  3. Lok Sabha
  4. Estates General

15. Voting in the Estates General was conducted on the principle of

  1. each member one vote
  2. male adult franchise
  3. universal adult franchise
  4. each Estate one vote

16. Which of the following was a factor in the rise of Napoleon?

  1. Fall of the Jacobin government
  2. Robespierres Reign of Terror
  3. Political instability of the Directory
  4. Nationalist forces

17. Which of the following were the estates of French society?

  1. First Estate
  2. Second Estate
  3. Third Estate
  4. All the above

18. Which of the following is true about the Clergy and Nobles and Landlords?

  1. Higher positions in the government were reserved for them
  2. They were exempted from paying many of the taxes
  3. They enjoyed number of privilages
  4. All the above

19. Where did the Third Estate form and announce the National Assembly?

  1. Indoor Tennis Court
  2. Hall of Mirrors
  3. Firoz Shah Ground
  4. Winter Palace

20. Which of the following is true about the Third Estate?

  1. It was consisted 95% of the French population
  2. They had to pay numerous taxes
  3. Their economic life was miserable
  4. All the above

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