Force and Pressure MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. A cricketer catches a ball. The force coming in action is

  1. contact force
  2. gravitational force
  3. frictional force
  4. all of these

32. A boy is pulling a cart by a force of 100 N. The frictional force experienced by the cart is 20 N. The force that causing the motion of the cart is

  1. 100 N
  2. 120 N
  3. 80 N
  4. 5 N

33. A box of weight 400 N is kept on the floor. The area of contact is 4 m2. The pressure exerted by the box on the floor is

  1. 100 Pa
  2. 200 Pa
  3. 300 Pa
  4. 400 Pa

34. When we press the bulb of a dropper with its nozzle kept in water, air in the dropper is seen to escape in the form of bubbles. Once we release the pressure on the bulb, water gets filled in the dropper. The rise of water in the dropper is due to

  1. pressure of water
  2. gravity of the earth
  3. shape of rubber bulb
  4. atmospheric pressure

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Force and Pressure

Force and Pressure Question and Answer