Atmosphere MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The sky is blue because of:

  1. rayleigh scattering.
  2. reflection.
  3. mie scattering.
  4. absorption.

32. Winds are caused by differences in ................

  1. precipitation
  2. humidity
  3. air pressure
  4. turbulence

33. This is NOT a variable gas:

  1. ozone.
  2. carbon dioxide.
  3. argon.
  4. water vapor.

34. Water vapor in the atmosphere is an important source of:

  1. ozone pollution.
  2. sunlight.
  3. carbon dioxide.
  4. heat.

35. If object A is at 400 K, and object B is at 800 K, then the radiation intensity of object A will be this amount of that the radiation intensity of object B:

  1. one-fourth.
  2. one-sixteenth.
  3. one-eighth.
  4. one-half.

36. A greenhouse works because:

  1. of the difference in the solar constant.
  2. all greenhouses face south and into the maximum angle of solar energy.
  3. short wave lengths of energy pass through the glass but longer ones cant.
  4. the windows of the greenhouse only allow green light wavelengths to pass through.

37. Geostrophic flow:

  1. occurs in atmospheric levels with substantial friction.
  2. occurs when the pressure gradient force equals the Coriolis force.
  3. can occur in all levels of the atmosphere.

38. The maximum concentrations of ozone are found in the:

  1. mesosphere.
  2. troposphere.
  3. ionosphere.
  4. stratosphere.

39. Of the following planets, which has the most massive atmosphere?

  1. Mars
  2. Earth
  3. Venus

40. The solar constant:

  1. is higher for Earth than for Mars.
  2. varies inversely with the fourth power of an objects distance from the Suns surface.
  3. is the same throughout the solar system.

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