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Immigration MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Along with economic troubles, what condition drove people to emigrate?

  1. high cost of housing
  2. ethnic group persecution
  3. weather
  4. poor schools

2. Many immigrants lived in urban apartment slums called

  1. high-rises.
  2. tenements.
  3. suburbs.
  4. studios.

3. Many immigrants tended to live in places where others had ethnic similarities. These became known as

  1. tenenments
  2. settlement houses
  3. suburbs
  4. ghettos

4. Many immigrants tried to become a part of American culture. This is known as

  1. segregation
  2. assimilation
  3. nativism
  4. ethnicity

5. Many people immigrate to the United States because of

  1. poor schools.
  2. economic troubles.
  3. no factory jobs.
  4. war.

6. Many people in cities enjoyed entertainment. This form of entertainment was known as

  1. Nickelodeons
  2. Vaudeville
  3. the Cotton Club
  4. Ragtime

7. Most Asian immigrants went through the processing center on

  1. Ellis Islan
  2. Long Islan
  3. Harbor Islan
  4. Angel Islan

8. Some Americans were anti-immigrant and known as

  1. imperialists
  2. industrialists
  3. nativists
  4. communists

9. What is urbanization?

  1. increase in immigration
  2. growth of cities
  3. the growth of industry
  4. movement to rural areas

10. What legislation barred Chinese immigrants from owning property or pursuing jobs?

  1. Chinese Exclusion Act
  2. Asian Immigration Act
  3. Immigration Act of 1917
  4. European Exclusion Act

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Immigration

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