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Basketball MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. A ball is at the disposal of a player in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

  1. Handed to a thrower or free thrower.
  2. Caught by a player after it is bounced to him/her.
  3. Placed on the floor at the spot.
  4. Bounced to a thrower or free thrower.

2. A bookkeeping mistake:

  1. May be corrected when discovered.
  2. Includes adding players to the scorebook during the game.
  3. Must be corrected before the halftime intermission.
  4. May be corrected if recognized during the first dead ball following the mistake.

3. A closely-guarded situation can occur when different defenders continuously guard the player holding or dribbling the ball, provided the 6-foot distance is maintained throughout.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

4. A fight breaks out between A1 and B1 during a deadball and clock-stopped situation. The head coach of Team A rushes onto the court. The officials:

  1. Stop the coach from coming onto the floor.
  2. Charge A1 and B1 with flagrant technicals and disqualify them from the game.
  3. Allow the coach onto the floor to assist with diffusing the situation.
  4. Both B and C.

5. A free throw ends: When the try is successful.

  1. When it is certain the try will not be successful.
  2. When the try touches the floor or any player.
  3. When the ball becomes dead.
  4. All of the above.

6. A head coach is permitted to be outside the optional coaching box to give instructions to players.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

7. A held ball occurs when an opponent places his or her hand(s) on the ball and prevents an airborne player from throwing the ball or releasing it on a try.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

8. A player may not hold his or her hands or arms in front of his or her body to absorb the force from an imminent charge of any opponent.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

9. A simultaneous violation is called if offensive players occupy the first marked lane spaces and defensive players occupy the second marked lane spaces during the free throw.

  1. True statement
  2. False statement

10. A situation in which there are fouls by both teams, the second of which occurs before the clock is started following the first, and such that at least one of the attributes of a double foul is absent, is known as:

  1. A multiple foul.
  2. A double foul.
  3. A simultaneous foul.
  4. A False double foul.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Basketball

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