Welding MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Which one of the following is a temporary joint?

  1. Welded joint
  2. Riveted joint
  3. Soldered joint
  4. Press fit joint

32. In fusion welding, penetration is the ratio of

  1. width of the weld to its depth
  2. length of the weld to its depth
  3. depth of the weld to its width
  4. depth of the weld to its length

33. Which of the following joint have high corrosion resistance?

  1. Welding joint
  2. Riveted joint
  3. Bolted joint
  4. None of the above

34. Which of the following is a design recommendation for welding?

  1. Welded assemblies should have more parts
  2. Welding should be done horizontally, with the stick or electrode holder pointing upward during welding
  3. The buildup of weld fillets should be kept to a minimum
  4. Locate welds where special finishing operations are required

35. Which of the following processes do not use flux during welding?

  1. Submerged Arc
  2. Oxyfuel
  3. Flux Cored Arc
  4. Friction

36. Which of the following is not a resistance welding?

  1. Spot welding
  2. Butt welding
  3. Pressure welding
  4. Percussion welding

37. The resistance welding process suitable for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals upto 8mm thickness is

  1. Spot welding
  2. Projection welding
  3. Butt welding
  4. Pressure welding

38. Which of the following is false regarding welding process and its corresponding minimum thickness of plate material?

  1. Shielded-Metal Arc or Stick Weldments: minimum thickness - 1.5 mm
  2. Submerged Arc Weldments: minimum thickness - 4.5mm
  3. Flux-Cored Weldments: minimum thickness - 4.5 mm
  4. Gas-Metal Arc Weldments: minimum thickness - 0.5 mm and even thinner

39. Which of the following welding process is used for welding of sheet metals in automobile and air craft industries?

  1. Shield metal arc welding
  2. Gas tungsten arc welding
  3. Thermit welding
  4. Resistance welding

40. Heat is created by the chemical reaction in

  1. Resistance welding
  2. Oxy-acetylene welding
  3. Tungsten arc welding
  4. Thermit welding

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