Satellite Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Primary component of uplink section of satellite is

  1. transformer
  2. transistor
  3. earth station transmitter
  4. power station transmitter

52. PCM system is used in satellite communications for transmission of

  1. TV signal
  2. Telegraph signal
  3. Speech signal
  4. All the above

53. A telephone communication link between two countries is established through a composite system using submarine cable and satellite when

  1. Two countries are far apart
  2. Political links between two countries have been severed
  3. Two countiees are not facing common satellite
  4. Two countries are not different continents

54. The frequency band used by most satellites is

  1. UHF
  2. VHF
  3. SHF
  4. EHF

55. What is application of satellite systems?

  1. Whether forecasting
  2. Terrestrial communication
  3. point to point communication
  4. None of the above

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Satellite Communication Question and Answer