ITI Fitter MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. A divider is used for

  1. scribing circles
  2. scribing arcs
  3. transferring and stepping of distance
  4. all of the above

22. Counter boring is done for?

  1. Deburring hole ends
  2. Enlarging holes to accurate size
  3. Finishing cored holes
  4. Accommodating socket head screws

23. The safe way of working is

  1. an effective and right way of working
  2. an ancient way of working
  3. a way of handling the work in a hurry
  4. a way of normal working

24. A point to point control system is suitable only for one of the following applications?

  1. Milling profile
  2. Turning
  3. Drilling
  4. Grinding

25. Vice clamps are used to

  1. protect the finished surfaces of the job
  2. hold the job firmly
  3. protect the serrated jaws of the vice
  4. protect the file

26. You have to file an aluminum block to a smooth finish, which one of the following cut of file is most suitable?

  1. Double cut
  2. Curved cut
  3. Rasp cut
  4. Single cut

27. CNC machine are not manually operated. They are controlled by means of?

  1. A programme
  2. An operating
  3. A cam
  4. A plug board system

28. Scriber is made of

  1. copper
  2. High carbon steel
  3. Mild Steel
  4. Cast Iron

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