ITI Fitter MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Dressing and turning of a grinding wheel are?

  1. Exactly the same operation
  2. Done with the same equipment
  3. Done only for coarse grinding wheels
  4. Only for form grinding

12. Which of the following is not the part of a combination set?

  1. stock
  2. Protractor head
  3. Square head
  4. Centre head

13. Thread measurement with inserts fitted in the anvil and spindle of screw tread micrometer are selected on the basis of one the following elements of a thread being measured?

  1. Major diameter
  2. Minor diameter
  3. Effective diameter
  4. Pitch

14. Which one of the following operations can be done on slotting machine?

  1. External keyway on long shaft
  2. Internal grooves
  3. Woodruff keyway on a shaft
  4. Keyway for feather keys

15. Generally the length of the handle of a vice is

  1. 1.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  2. 2.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  3. 3.5 times the nominal size of the vice
  4. 4.5 times the nominal size of the vice

16. Which one of the following groups of properties enables the manufacture of chain hooks from wrought iron?

  1. Ductillity, malleability and hardness
  2. Hardness, toughness and ductility
  3. Malleability, ductility and toughness
  4. Hardness, toughness and brittleness

17. While grinding and lapping cemented carbide tipped tool with diamond wheels a good flow of coolant should be directed to cover the grinding zone, the coolant suitable is?

  1. Soluable oil
  2. Mineral oil
  3. Sulphurised oil
  4. Mixture of paraffin and water

18. For general purpose, a bench vice is fixed at a height of

  1. 80 cm
  2. 90 cm
  3. 106 cm
  4. 125 cm

19. Which one of the following is an artificial abrasive?

  1. Emery
  2. diamond
  3. Corundum
  4. Silicon carbide

20. A divider is used for

  1. scribing circles
  2. scribing arcs
  3. transferring and stepping of distance
  4. all of the above

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