MCQ on Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement multiple choice questions and answers on measurement and instrumentation MCQs questions quiz on electrical measuring instruments objective questions with answers question bank for test in pdf for competitive and entrance exams written test skills for job interviews and admissions in colleges and technical universities.

Instrumentation and Measurement MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. The decibel is a measure of

  1. Current
  2. Voltage
  3. Power Level
  4. None of the above

2. The wire should be ...................... to increase the Q factor of the coil.

  1. long
  2. thin
  3. long and thin
  4. thick

3. Which of the following error is caused by poor calibration of an instrument?

  1. Random Error
  2. Systematic Error
  3. Gross Error
  4. Precision Error

4. Accuracy of a measuring instrument indicates the

  1. Closeness of the output reading to the true value
  2. Degree of freedom from random errors
  3. Ratio of output value to the input value
  4. Change in output with each change in input

5. Measurement which is close to true value is

  1. accurate
  2. precise
  3. average
  4. error

6. Precision of an instrument is defined as

  1. Closeness of output to the true value
  2. Degree of freedom from random errors
  3. Change in output for every change in input
  4. None of the above

7. Which error s caused by careless handling of an instrument ?

  1. Systematic error
  2. Gross error
  3. Random error
  4. None of the above

8. In which part of the scale does the pointer indicate more accurately

  1. in the first third of the cycle
  2. in the first half of the cycle
  3. in about middle of the scale
  4. in the last third of the cycle

9. Which of the following is not a fundamental quantity?

  1. Angle
  2. Length
  3. Time
  4. Luminous Intesity

10. An instrument with high precision implies

  1. high accuracy
  2. low accuracy
  3. does not imply anything about measurement accuracy
  4. none of the above

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Instrumentation and Measurement

Instrumentation and Measurement Question and Answer