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European Union - Europe MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. How many countries are currently in the European Union?

  1. 28
  2. 26
  3. 21
  4. None of the above

2. In which European city would you find the Eiffel Tower?

  1. Paris, France
  2. Warsaw, Poland
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. None of the above

3. In which European country are both Flemish and French spoken?

  1. Switzerland
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Belgium
  4. None of the above

4. Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and which other country were the founding members of the European Union?

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Austria
  4. None of the above

5. J.K. Rowling, Stephen Hawking and Christian Bale are all from which European country?

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Ireland
  3. Portugal
  4. None of the above

6. Leonardo Da Vincis Mona Lisa is located in which famous European museum?

  1. Rijksmuseum
  2. The Louvre
  3. Musee dorsay
  4. None of the above

7. The currency used in the United Kingdom is called

  1. Pound
  2. Shilling
  3. Euro
  4. None of the above

8. The Italian Christopher Columbus was a famous

  1. Painter
  2. Football player
  3. Explorer
  4. None of the above

9. What is the capital city of Romania?

  1. Riga
  2. Zagreb
  3. Bucharest
  4. None of the above

10. What is the most widely spoken language in Europe?

  1. German
  2. English
  3. Italian
  4. None of the above

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on European Union - Europe

European Union - Europe Question and Answer