British Constitution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. The Judicial Committe of the Privy Council derives from the principle of:

  1. English common Law
  2. Judicial Decisions
  3. Acts of Parliament

52. The key-man in the cabinet is:

  1. Speaker
  2. Prime Minister
  3. The Queen

53. The Kinds of Law in the UK is:

  1. Six
  2. Four
  3. TWO

54. The King in the UK is consulted in all important matters of:

  1. Queen
  2. By Ministry in Power
  3. Parliament

55. The King in UK is:

  1. Reformer of the Constitution
  2. Guardian of the Constitution
  3. Interpreter of the constitution

56. The King of UK can:

  1. Not nominate the Ministers
  2. Suspends the ministers
  3. Nominate the Ministers

57. The King or Queen has the powers:

  1. To reshuffle the ministry
  2. To establish the ministry
  3. To abolish the ministry

58. The King or Queen in UK is the Symbol of:

  1. Feudalism
  2. Imperial Unity
  3. Democracy

59. The king or Queen of UK is the:

  1. Custodian of the church of England
  2. Patron in Chief of the church of England
  3. Head of the church of England

60. The King or Queen of UK must:

  1. Not Accept the Decision of the Cabinet
  2. Both a and b
  3. Accept the Decision of the Cabinet

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