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Azerbaijan MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. What is the capital of Azerbaijan?

  1. Baku
  2. Astara
  3. Xaçmaz
  4. Yevlax

2. Where is Azerbaijan located?

  1. Southeastern Asia
  2. Southwestern Asia
  3. Central Asia
  4. Northern Africa

3. How big is Azerbaijan?

  1. Twice the size of Texas
  2. Three times the size of California
  3. About the size of Oregon
  4. Slightly smaller than Maine

4. Qara Su also known as Los, in a famous ................ in Azerbaijan?

  1. Mountain
  2. Island
  3. Lake
  4. Meteor crater

5. What are some countries that border Azerbaijan?

  1. Armenia, Georgia, Iran, and Iraq
  2. Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey
  3. Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Armenia
  4. Iraq, Russia, Turkey, and Georgia

6. What body of water borders Azerbaijan?

  1. The Dead Sea
  2. The Red Sea
  3. The Indian Ocean
  4. The Caspian Sea

7. What currency is used in Azerbaijan?

  1. Mannat
  2. Euro
  3. Pounds
  4. Dinars

8. What is the national animal of Azerbaijan?

  1. Karabakh Horse
  2. Gray wolf
  3. Arabian oryx
  4. Bear

9. What is the official language of Azerbaijan?

  1. Russian
  2. Serbo-Croat
  3. Farsi
  4. Azerbaijani

10. What kind of climate does Azerbaijan have?

  1. Tropical
  2. Sub-arctic
  3. Temperate to sub-arctic
  4. Semi-arid to arid

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Azerbaijan

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