Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Requirements can be refined using

  1. prototyping model
  2. the evolutionary model
  3. The waterfall model
  4. the spiral model

62. What is the goal of the requirements analysis and specifications phase of software development life cycle ?

  1. Analyzing the cost of development
  2. Determining scope of the software
  3. Understanding the customer requirements and organize them in an informal document
  4. None of these above

63. One of the fault base testing techniques is

  1. beta testing
  2. Stress testing
  3. unit testing
  4. mutation testing

64. If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process, then the SRS is

  1. traceable
  2. modifiable
  3. verifiable
  4. complete

65. SRS is also known as specification of

  1. Stress testing
  2. Integrated testing
  3. White box testing
  4. Black box testing

66. What is noise in terms of software development ?

  1. Adding contradictory requirements in SRS document
  2. Writing over-specific requirements
  3. Writing irrelevant statement to the software development in the SRS document
  4. None of these above

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