Memory Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by

  1. Memory management unit
  2. CPU
  3. PCI
  4. None of the mentioned

22. Satisfaction of the relocation requirement increases the difficulty or satisfying the ......... requirement.

  1. Protection
  2. Sharing
  3. Logical Organization
  4. Physical Organization

23. The .............. requirement must be satisfied by the processor rather than the operating system, because the operating system cannot anticipate all of the memory references that the program will make.

  1. memory relocation
  2. memory protection
  3. memory sharing
  4. memory organization

24. The address of a page table in memory is pointed by

  1. stack pointer
  2. page table base register
  3. page register
  4. program counter

25. The memory management system must therefore allow controlled access to .............. areas of memory without compromising essential protection.

  1. relocated
  2. protected
  3. shared
  4. organized

26. The page table contains

  1. base address of each page in physical memory
  2. page offset
  3. page size
  4. none of the mentioned

27. Thrashing occurs when

  1. When a page fault occurs
  2. Processes on system frequently access pages not memory
  3. Processes on system are in running state
  4. Processes on system are in waiting state

28. Virtual memory is

  1. Large secondary memory
  2. Large main memory
  3. Illusion of large main memory
  4. None of the above

29. What is compaction?

  1. a technique for overcoming internal fragmentation
  2. a paging technique
  3. a technique for overcoming external fragmentation
  4. a technique for overcoming fatal error

30. What is the swap space in the disk used for?

  1. Saving temporary html pages
  2. Saving process data
  3. Storing the super-block
  4. Storing device drivers

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