HTML5 MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. The ----------- attribute specifies the number of columns in the table and is used to help quickly calculate the size of the table.

  1. col
  2. numcol
  3. num
  4. tablecol

12. The attribute --------------- in table is used to provide a text summary of the tables purpose and structure.

  1. caption
  2. summary
  3. title
  4. overview

13. attribute used in <tbody> element contains an offset as a positive or negative integer to align characters as related to the char value.

  1. charoff
  2. char
  3. offset
  4. align

14. The -------------- attribute used in <td> element might useful when attempting to display large tables on small screens.

  1. abbr
  2. zoomin
  3. zoomout
  4. adjust

15. The tag used to define navigation links is

  1. <dialog>
  2. <header>
  3. <meter>
  4. <nav>

16. The tag to specify illustrations, diagrams, photos is

  1. <mark>
  2. <figure>
  3. <aside>
  4. <details>

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