Marketing Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. A major portion of the rural population consists of ..........income groups.

  1. Low
  2. high
  3. medium
  4. all of these

122. In marketing, MRP stands for

  1. Managing public relation
  2. Marketing public relation
  3. Monitoring public relation
  4. none of these

123. Brands owned and developed by producers are known as

  1. Manufacturer brands
  2. Individual brands
  3. Family brands
  4. Dealer

124. not a step in advertising campaign

  1. Market analysis
  2. Determining ad Objectives
  3. Selecting ad media
  4. Supply of goods

125. The group of elements price, product, promotion and place constitute

  1. market mix
  2. marketing mix
  3. product mix
  4. promotion mix

126. All forces or factors that effect marketing policies, decisions and operations of a business constitute

  1. Marketing mix
  2. Marketing environment
  3. Marketing control
  4. None of these

127. all the written or spoken matter in an advertisement expressed in words or sentences and figures designed to convey the message.

  1. Matter
  2. ad medium
  3. ad copy
  4. none of these

128. ..........simply refers to product planning.

  1. Merchandising
  2. Assembling
  3. R & D
  4. None of these

129. ..........are those who obtain title to goods with a view to selling them at profit

  1. Merchant middlemen
  2. Agent middle men
  3. Facilitators
  4. All of these

130. Which of the following is not an e-marketing tool?

  1. mobile phone
  2. cinema
  3. i- radio
  4. i-kiosks

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