E Commerce MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. An industry is less attractive for suppliers when the rivalry among existing competitors is:

  1. High
  2. Low
  3. More
  4. Less

32. Unique value auction is mainly applies to?

  1. New products
  2. Second hand products
  3. Engineering products
  4. None of the above.

33. Paisapay is facilitated in

  1. eBay.co.in
  2. amazon.com
  3. flipkart.com
  4. none of the above

34. Which of the following is a useful security mechanism when considering business strategy and IT?

  1. encryption
  2. decryption
  3. firewall
  4. all the above

35. Which of the following is not related to security mechanism

  1. encryption
  2. decryption
  3. e-cash
  4. all the above

36. A product or service that customers have come to expect from an industry, which must beoffered by new entrants if they wish to compete and survive, is known as a(n)?

  1. Switching costs
  2. Loyalty programs
  3. Entry barriers
  4. Affiliate programs

37. Which of the following statements accurately reflect the impact of technology?

  1. Technology has caused buyer power to increase
  2. Technology has lessened the entry barriers for many industries
  3. Technology has increased the threat of substitute products and services
  4. all of the above

38. A business cannot be all things to all people. Instead, a business must:

  1. Identify target customers
  2. Identify the value of products/services as perceived by customers
  3. all of the above
  4. None of the above

39. How the transactions occur in e-commerce?

  1. Using e-medias
  2. Using computers only
  3. Using mobile phones only
  4. None of the above

40. Which type of products is lesser purchased using ecommerce?

  1. automobiles
  2. books
  3. softwares
  4. none

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