Respiration MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Tachypnoea means

  1. Rapid shallow breathing
  2. Rapid deep breathing
  3. Slow and shallow breathing
  4. Slow and deep breathing

52. Advantage of Double Bohr effect is

  1. Reciprocal exchange of Oxygen for Carbon dioxide
  2. More Oxygenation of Foetal blood
  3. More removal of Carbon dioxide
  4. All these

53. Which one is a Non – reversible pulmonary disease in which the bronchi are blocked with mucous and infection and rupture of alveoli

  1. Silicosis
  2. Asphyxia
  3. Emphysema
  4. Embolism

54. Myoglobin is a muscle hemoglobin which exhibits Hyperbolic oxygen dissociation curve indicating its great affinity towards Oxygen ( Non cooperative binding ). The Hyperbolic nature of the curve is due to

  1. Single polypeptide ( 153 amino acids ) and Monomeric nature
  2. High concentration in the muscle
  3. Muscle protein
  4. Quarternary structure

55. Cloacal respiration is found in

  1. Snake
  2. Turtle and Tortoise
  3. Crocodile
  4. Frog

56. Pulmonary ventilation is

  1. Tidal volume + Respiratory rate
  2. Tidal volume + Vital capacity
  3. Tidal volume + Residual volume
  4. Tidal volume + Inspiratory reserve volume

57. Spirometry is used

  1. To detect the amount of Hemoglobin
  2. To detect the air flow through the respiratory system
  3. To check the respiratory quotient
  4. None of these

58. Bohr effect shifts the O2 – Hb dissociation curve to right

  1. To promote oxygenation of Hb in lungs
  2. To increase O2 concentration
  3. To decrease CO2 concentration
  4. To decrease the pH of blood

59. At high altitude, the number of RBC increases

  1. To trap O2 from rarefied air having low PO2
  2. To adapt with the oxygen deficiency
  3. To remove more CO2
  4. To increase metabolism

60. The chief difference between Trachea and Bronchioles is

  1. Trachea lacks cartilage
  2. Bronchiole lacks cartilage
  3. Trachea is long
  4. Bronchiole is small

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