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Bones MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. ........... is found in the central canal of long bones.

  1. bone marrow
  2. nerves to the bone
  3. blood vessels to the bone
  4. none of the above

2. The ................... is where longitudinal growth occurs in long bones.

  1. collagen fibers
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. ground substance
  4. epiphyseal plate

3. Articular cartilage

  1. connects muscle to bone
  2. provides a smooth, slippery surface that decreases friction at joint surfaces
  3. holds the bone in place
  4. holds the joint together

4. Osteons are laid down in layers or rings called:

  1. lamella
  2. spicules
  3. plates
  4. fibers

5. As bones grow, ............ lay down more bone on the outside:

  1. osteoclasts
  2. osteoblasts
  3. periosteum
  4. collagen fibers

6. The inner lining of the bone shaft is called:

  1. osteon
  2. periosteum
  3. endosteum
  4. osteoblast

7. Long bones enlarge at the ends into:

  1. osteons
  2. periosteum
  3. endosteum
  4. epiphysis

8. The periosteum is attached to the outside of bone by:

  1. osteons
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. endosteum
  4. Sharpys fibers

9. Compact bone is made up of:

  1. osteons
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. spongy bone
  4. all of the above

10. The hyoid bone is the only bone that:

  1. protects the elbow
  2. is vestigial and serves no purpose in the body
  3. forms the tailbone
  4. does not articulate with any other bone

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Bones

Bones Question and Answer